Development Roadmap

Current Release

r3.0.0 - Majorana - July 2018

  • 2D engine support - P2
  • New sample game Asteroids
  • Interpolation mode
  • Generic bending code

Future Releases

All releases listed here, along with their planned release dates and their listed contents, are a statement of intentions, and are provided with no guarantee whatsoever. Lance is an open-source project and as such depends on the available time of its developers. The roadmap is subject to change at any time.

r4.0.0 - Noether - December 2018

Roadmap Candidates

  • entity-component-system redesign
  • UDP via WebRTC
  • one-page games
  • support for rooms (game object name-spacing)
  • Automated Cloud Deploy system for Lance game servers
  • Proper testing framework
  • Better debug tools:
    • Parses recorded logs
    • shows GUI that allow scrubbing through time to see values over time of client state, server state, interpolated/extrapolated state

Past Releases

r2.0.1 - Spinor - February 2018

  • ES6 Modules support
  • Renderer-controller game loop. The game step delta is tuned to the render draw time
  • Full-sync support, providing full data sync to new connections
  • Game Object re-architecture: Renderer objects and Physics objects are sub-objects of the Game Object
  • New KeyboardControls class
  • Smart sync, syncing only changed objects

r1.0.1 - Tensor - March 2017

  • Full 3D support
  • Pluggable Physics Engine support: cannon.js
  • Demonstrate A-Frame support
  • Refactor: game objects contain render and physics sub-objects

r0.9.1 - “Incheon Phase 2” External Beta Release - January 2017

  • Games: Pong, Spaaace
  • Sync Strategies: Extrapolation, Interpolation
  • Complete Documentation
  • Spaaace - Online Desktop/Mobile Live Demo
  • Refactor event names (remove dot) to make compatible with jsdoc

r0.2.0 - “Incheon Phase 1” Internal Release - December 2016

  • Games: Pong
  • Sync Strategies: Extrapolation, Interpolation
  • Refactor Renderer
  • web site
  • Boilerplate Game Repository
  • Documentation started. Tutorials: MyFirstGame, Spaceships

r0.1.0 - "Incheon" October 2016

  • First working model
  • Games: Spaaace, Sumo
  • Sync Strategies: ServerSync, Interpolation