We make great efforts to maintain an active, positive, friendly and inclusive community around Lance and game development.

Starting out

To get a bird's eye view on what's Lance all about and how to use it to make a multiplayer game, we recommend reading the guide: architecture

If you're more of the learning-by-doing type, you can start with the first tutorial, My First Game: Pong which contains step-by-step instructions on how to implement a networked version of this classic game.

Joining the discussion

You're welcome to join the Lance Slack to hang out and engage in active discussion with the project maintainers and fellow game developers.

Keeping in touch

Follow LanceGG_ on Twitter to hear the latest and see what others are doing with Lance

Getting help

Feel free to ask anything on Stack Overflow. We keep an eye out for questions!

Helping out

Lance is an open source project, and as such we welcome any contribution.

  • Spreading the word, posting or tweeting about Lance in social media using the ([@lancegg_ tag]. The larger the community, the more fun we have and the faster development can move!

  • Improving the documentation: fixing typos, expanding, clarifying or writing new articles

  • Fixing bugs, or adding new functionality. A good place to start would be issues on Github with a status of "PR Welcome". Make sure to open pull requests against the develop branch.